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Tales of the Masure


In the beginning, there was nothing. No one knows how the world came to be, or why it started as a void. This was until a pair of bellowing roars echoed across the void. And thus the Justice Dragon and Chaos Dragon were borne of nothing. The howls of these two entities that both complemented and mirrored each other brought about the winds of changes, for better or worse.

The Justice Dragon and the other ancient dragons under his wing created a flourishing landscape from the elements – the Masure Mainland. They then blessed the lands with life; Elves, Humans and other intelligent organisms walked the earth. Concurrently, the Chaos Dragon also created his own lifeforms imagined from his twisted mind: The bloodthirsty Demon servants.

The warring conflicts among the Humans, Elves and Demons raged for a long time. The Justice Dragon attempted to sate their ambitions by expanding the lands, but the insatiable Chaos Dragon and his Demon minions’ bloodlust for anarchy and massacre foiled the plans for peace. The Chaos Dragon was finally ousted and sealed by the other ancients, and the Demon Lord Gorena was defeated by a Titan who was bestowed the ancient dragons’ powers, bringing the Demon invasion to a halt… for the time being.

Alas, the flames of war never die down forever. Corrupted deities among the Titans would once again spread the wildfires of war throughout the world. The war between the corrupt Amore and the leader of the Gods, Hill, only aggravated the destruction wrought upon the ravaged mainland. The defeated Amore fled toward the Demon territory of Karo, and the bodies of war casualties arose, resurrected by one of the ancient dragons, the Life Dragon. However, what is lost forever cannot be regained. What was retained in mind was not retained in physicality. The decomposing monstrosities, longer welcome by their former brethren, became the enduring but evil Undead, establishing themselves as an independent race, and entering the war arena that was the Masure Mainland.

The benevolent Titans departed to avoid a re-enactment of the godly tragedy. They dispersed their powers across all life, in hopes that they would protect the peace of the land in their stead. The birth of numerous heroes of the various races did indeed bring hope, as well as sow the seeds of ambition among the races. The elegant and graceful Elves, the brave and righteous Humans, the persevering and sinister Undead, and the violently murderous Demons; none of the races will ever forget their own ambitions and goals. Now, the land is temporarily in a state of truce, but away from the light, conspiracies are being hatched in the darkness, the cloud of war ever looming overhead.

Our game speaks of the wars among the mainland races – the Elves, Humans and Undead – and their resistance against the Demons and the Corrupt Deities.