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Alliance War

So you’ve been building up your heroes, fixing up that leaky castle, bashing monsters and
hanging out with your Alliance at headquarters…what’s next? Throwing punches on the
battlefield, that’s what! This month, we’re proud to announce Alliance War!—a new combat
feature that allows Alliances to pit their members against each other and face-off in the ultimate
showdown between heroes!

To enter an Alliance War, simply find your Commander at headquarters and he’ll direct you in the particulars:

Every Tuesday and Friday, from 12:00 to 18:00 Server Time, your Alliance can bid for the rights to plunder a city:

After securing your city, your Alliance Leader will deploy members on the battlefield. Up to 30 members can be selected at one time. So remember to be active and online!

From the member selection screen, “Enter the Battle” and arrange the order Alliance members appear on the battlefield. Your Alliance Leader can make changes here between 18:00 and 19:59 Server Time. Alliance War starts 20:00 Server Time, sharp!

**No doubt you’ll have noticed that certain members are greyed out. This means that these members are off-line and therefore, unable to participate. For the battle to commence, EVERYONE must be READY and on the same screen.**

You can check your Battle Reports with the Commander after every Alliance War. Rewards vary from city to city, but everyone wins Alliance Points, Honor and Reputation points! Reputation points can be exchanged with your Alliance Businessman for all sorts of rare items, including Keys, Cards and Equipment.